In a Nutshell

Scenarista.com is a micro-publishing platform destined to replace or add on conventional guide books and practical tourist info websites. Furthermore it is a project with the objective to offer a fruitful environment to a community of creative and critical individuals, co-developing a culture. That culture revolves around exploring the city, revealing its qualities and conflicts, and developing the necessary abilities to do so.


Many Facets for Travelers

The great advantage of Scenarista as a source of contents for travellers and „readers on tour“ is the platform’s diversity. In contrast to typical guide books it does not present one issue edited by one single author. The platform rather offers users to choose from a collection of contents originating from many different community members making a contribution on a topic they have a passion for and an in-depth knowledge about. This approach also allows for independent content.

Compared to typical tourist information websites Scenarista is not limited to practical hints such as where to eat the best pizza, where to find new clubs, or how other users have rated hotels etc. This type of service is certainly useful, but leaves us often unsatisfied when we want to dive into the city and understand how it ticks. Scenarios are coherent and compact documents focused on a specific facet of the city, guiding the traveler to experiences, insights and discoveries.



When we designed the concept of Scenarista we did not only think of the traveler enjoying unique content. First of all we had a new community in mind creating that content. We know many people with an affinity for the cities they live in, talent for photography and great stories to tell, but they hardly know what to do with it. Of course there are plenty of Internet services and mobile tools for sharing pictures or discussing thoughts with friends. Yet somehow most of them tend to be fascinating just for a limitted period of time. Ironically one of the reasons for that could be that they, the tools and systems, develop instead of the users and their work. They are designed in a way that leaves only a very narrow margin for the creative energy and the critical temperament of the user. The Scenarista concept is focused on changing that. We believe that by today a critical mass has mutated into a new, more mature species of Internet users. Therefor the platform and the technology we present takes a step back for the benefit of the community members and their contributions. We offer the concrete objective to describe the city, a small set of common guidelines, and complete freedom with regards to what issue each Scenario deals with and which the best way is to formalize that.

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